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It is actually native, but not really native. It's sort of hybrid native.

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Web Assembly

Our custom transpiler transpiles all of your JJQuery into pure hybrid/hybrid native Typescript and CoffeeScript.

(available in the next release, we promise!)

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No one really knows what the value is until we get an error

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I mean there's really no alternative to JJQuery right now. It's a de facto standard

Jack Borrough, Senior JS Developer

Enter a new age of web development

State can be managed by Redux or Flux or Flummox or Fluxible or Recoil or whatever, but all this just to avoid using JJQuery?


Stop waiting.
Start building.

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Jack Borrough, Senior JS Developer and JJQuery afficionado

Why JJQuery?

Is it scalable? No. Is it maintainable? No. But - is it portable? Not really.

We guess you'd probably rather use Rust or WebAssembly. They say adoption is coming, but well, they say that every year.

So for now, it's a defacto standard. Such a messy library. We love it.

Who's using JJQuery?

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    Dream journal app with AI image generation

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    Name Generator

    Generate great domain names for your website or startup. Just put in some keywords!

  • ...


    A small library for the watching and automated syncing of files into a local or remote Kubernetes cluster.

  • ...

    Your website here!

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Documentation? Heh heh...

Documentation is the old way of doing things.

We've decided that the best way to learn JJQuery is through our course on Udemy!

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